Bankruptcy During Divorce

Even if you are going through a divorce, you do have the right to consider and act upon your debt relief options.  You can file for bankruptcy during divorce, and it may be the best way to relieve your debt, while holding your divorcing spouse accountable for his or her share of marital debt.

Debt is a part of marital property that will be divided in a divorce settlement agreement.  But by filing for bankruptcy during your divorce, you may be able to minimize your debt and protect your assets.

Our Anaheim Bankruptcy Attorney can help you work with your family lawyer to file for:

Filing for bankruptcy during divorce can be very complex; so don’t trust your case to an inexperienced attorney. The Anaheim bankruptcy attorney is a well-prepared and knowledgeable bankruptcy attorney that can assist any family, business, or individual client get their finances in order and their lives back on track. A good attorney is your best bet at getting your debts forgiven, consolidating your debt, and/or repairing your credit.

If you are going through a divorce, our Anaheim bankruptcy attorney can help you. Our legal team will go over your bankruptcy options with you and assist you in not only choosing the correct form of bankruptcy, but also representing your interests during any court or legal proceedings.

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