Anaheim Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Lawyer

While filing for bankruptcy is always a last resort, sometimes it is the best option for individuals and their families to get their finances back in order. There are six different types of bankruptcy available in the United States; depending on your unique financial situation, filing for a chapter 13 bankruptcy may be the best option for you.

Filing for a Chapter 13 bankruptcy means that you will reorganize your finances under the supervision of the federal bankruptcy court. This form of bankruptcy is expressly different from the traditional Chapter 7 bankruptcy where the liquidation of assets is swift and complete.

Chapter 7 bankruptcies give individuals more power in expressing their needs and desires over what should become of the court-ordered plan for the repayment of their debts and creditors.

Our Anaheim Bankruptcy Attorney Is Highly Knowledgeable

The Anaheim bankruptcy attorney is a well-prepared and knowledgeable bankruptcy attorney that can assist any family, business, or individual client get their finances in order and their lives back on track. A good attorney is your best bet at getting some of your debts forgiven, consolidating your debt, and repairing your credit.

No matter what type of bankruptcy you may file for, you need an experienced attorney that you can trust to help navigate you through the complicated finance laws that govern our country. The Anaheim bankruptcy attorney has been working in all matters of bankruptcy law in the Anaheim area for many years. Contact our office today for a free initial consultation.