Discharging Student Loans

Higher education is expensive. From the cost of tuition to the cost of books and living expenses, a student can find him or herself with a bill of at least $20,000—and that’s just for an undergraduate college and does not include the cost of going to law school, medical school, a teaching credential, or some other degree.

In today’s economic climate, many students are having a difficult time finding a job and surviving, let alone paying back their student loans. If you have found yourself unable to pay your student loans, debt consolidation and debt counseling may be the best options for you. However in more extreme cases, certain individuals will be eligible for the discharging of their student loans, or in other words, the cancellation of their loans.

Our Anaheim Bankruptcy Lawyer Can Determine Your Eligibility

You are eligible for the discharging of your student loans if you meet any of the following conditions:

The Anaheim bankruptcy attorney can review any client’s finances to create a solid plan of action that will help them get their debts in order.

If you have questions about potentially discharging your student loans, contact our office today for a free initial consultation with the Anaheim bankruptcy attorney.