New Bankruptcy Laws

In 2005, the Congress approved Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection (BAPCPA) went into effect. Despite its seemingly innocent name, BAPCA actually makes it more difficult to file for bankruptcy today.

If you are an individual, the head of a household, or a business owner considering filing for bankruptcy, contact us here at the law office of the Anaheim bankruptcy attorney to hear how the new bankruptcy laws may affect your case.

BAPCA has introduced further testing for individuals or entities that want to file for bankruptcy. This testing is extensive with over 50 eligibility requirements. It includes such financial facts as current monthly income. However, a filer’s current monthly income is calculated by any income received in the six months prior to filing the bankruptcy case, minus a certain formula of living expenses defined by the Internal Revenue Service. Now obviously this formula more than likely does not typically factor in all of a filer’s living expenses, especially if they have a family and thousands of dollars in debt.

Our Anaheim Bankruptcy Lawyer Handles All Types of Cases

There are six different types of bankruptcy recognized in the US bankruptcy code, all governed by complicated bankruptcy laws. No matter what type of bankruptcy you may file for, the Anaheim bankruptcy attorney can take your case.

The Anaheim bankruptcy attorney is a well-prepared and knowledgeable bankruptcy attorney that can assist any family, business, or individual client get their finances in order and their lives back on track. A good attorney is your best bet at getting your debts forgiven, consolidating your debt, and repairing your credit. Contact our office today for a free initial consultation with the Anaheim bankruptcy attorney.